About Us

Who We Are!


GenomicsCentral is an 'Omics startup where we converge technologies from various fields, enriching and diversifying  Biological Research.

Our extended team criss-crosses diverse platforms : Data Science, BioInformatics, Business Intelligence, High-end Computing, Pharma, Physiology, Medicine & Physics.



Our Technology Theory :

Compute & Scale up as you need

Flexibility & Agility matters in find the solution in the most economical fashion

Collaborative Harmony:

The solutions for the complexities of Nature, and Biology in particular doesn't come in easy.

We are advocates of Inter-Disciplinary Collaborations : Deep Learning/ Artifical Intelligence, Data Science, Computation Biology, NeuroScience, Nanotechnology and any field that could help Us solve the most pressing challenges to Life, esp. Human Life.

One of the pillars that needed to be further solidifies in that of the Industry-Academia. They go hand in hand, one strenghtening the other. And this is a vista where we are in open communication with universities, both national and international...


GenomicsCentral is a Private Limited company, registered as MaGenomics Pvt. Limited.