Intel AIDC 2018 DevCon

AI is here to stay.

We are at Intel’s AI Conference last week, where some of the leaders of AI in the APAC region presented talks, conducted Hands-On labs and more.

Myriad of areas like e-commerce, video analytics, health care, computer vision, data security & privacy in an AI world, Deep Neural Nets etc were covered; all being powered by Intel hardware (chips).

Areas of health care got repeated mentioned, apart from being a showcase in “Lightining Sessions with AI startups”.

Particularly noted in this domain was the Intel AI case stydy by Intel’s AI Asia-Pacific Sales Head, Ms. Hongwei Yi. What caught our interest was that three out of the six cases covered were Health care related, may it be at GE or DeepChem which is a drug discovery frame work – reinforcing GC’s vision on AI/DL methodologies in Pharmacogenomics in particular, and Health care in general.



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